Copied, by S.M. Anderson


You’re just a teenage boy, doing the things boys love to do. Then, someone tries to poison you. You’re framed for a fire that injures your friend, and further attempts are made on your life. The killer? It’s you!  Copied, by S.M. Anderson, from Curiosity Quills Press (Amazon link) is a first-rate thriller with science fiction overtones that explores several ethical questions including the issue of genetic engineering, human cloning, and the prospect that a corporation can “own” a clone because they own the DNA of that person.

More importantly, Copied also examines the theory of nature vs. nurture regarding two identical clones. The protagonists of the story — very likable ones — Alexander Mitchell (“Xan”) and his friend Lacey (a remarkably bright, teen girl) are determined to figure out just who and why someone would want Xan dead.

I don’t give spoilers, and there are plenty of clever plot twists and action that keep the story moving at a fast pace. Incidentally, while there is certainly room for a sequel, the story is self-contained and a very good read for all ages. I recommend it.

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