Wormholes: A Novel, by Dennis Meredith

It’s a pleasure to discover a talented author I had not known of before. Wormholes: A Novel, by Dennis Meredith, Glyphus Press (Amazon link) is a first rate thriller in the best tradition of hard science fiction. What an enjoyable break from the endless, militarized or “fantasized” sci-fi that has overrun the field of late.

A series of reports of strange and deadly phenomena catch the interest of theoretical physicist Gerald Meier, who enlists geologist Dacey Livingstone and others in his investigation to find out what they are and how they’re connected. And, by the way, to save the planet.

Our Earth revolves around the Sun, and our Sun, located midway in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way, begins to pass through a region of space where there are defects in the space-time continuum allowing wormholes to open at random, connecting different universes with, I might add, potentially disastrous results for our world and the solar system at large.

Dennis Meredith’s Wormholes reminds me a lot of the work of Michael Crichton in that the science in the story is close enough to existing theory to make the reader a believer that this could all happen. It’s also kept enough in check as to not slow down the story.

There’s a wonderful, likable cast of characters and the descriptions of the wormhole ‘events’ are fast-paced, vivid, and in some cases downright scary.

Wormholes would make one heck-of-a movie! It’s a terrific and well written book that gave me several hours of engrossed reading. At $3.95 for the Kindle edition, it’s a bargain.

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