Shoot To Win, by Chris Cheng

The winner of season 4 of the History Channel’s Top Shot has written a book, Shoot To Win, by Chris Cheng (Amazon link) that has as a subtitle, “Tips, Tactics, and Techniques to Help You Shoot Like a Pro.”  That might lead you to believe that the book is aimed primarily at experienced shooters who would like to improve their game. While there are a few chapters along those lines, the bulk of Shoot To Win deals with the very basics of firearms and safely handling them.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that and this book would certainly make for an excellent gift to someone you’re hoping to get interested in the shooting sports, or for yourself if you’ve never held a gun but are intrigued by them. There are chapters on purchasing a firearm, maintaining them, and the nomenclature of guns and ammunition.

Still, for what is supposed to help a person “shoot like a pro,” this book could have been so much more than a beginner’s primer, with only a couple of chapters devoted to essentially telling the reader to dry-fire a lot, about breath control, and how to squeeze the trigger properly. Subjects such as preparing for specific competitive shooting events and strategies to employ are minimal.

Perhaps the best use for a volume such as this is to first acquaint the interested novice about firearms. Then, after he/she has bought a gun and taken it to the range a few times, to educate them in some techniques to improve their shooting accuracy. There are a few best-practices given, along with excellent and copious photographs demonstrating what the author is referring to. At that point, the reader can decide whether to take the next step and seek professional training.

Shoot To Win is an decent book that will help the absolute beginner get better, but doesn’t offer much for intermediate gunner.



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