The Job, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

New, from Bantam Books, this is the third book in the FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare  and wanted criminal (*wink*) Nicolas Fox series. The Job, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg (Amazon link) is fast paced and fun, with nicely breezy dialogue. O’Hare and Fox team up again and hatch a plot worthy of the best from Mission: Impossible. Indeed, The Job would make a terrific movie.

How do you go about taking down and financially ruining one of the world’s largest narcotics dealers? Especially when no one has any idea where he is or what he even looks like (these days)? Only one way — lure him to you. Big problem: He has a tendency to be very cautious and deadly. He even murdered the plastic surgeons who gave him an entirely new body and face. Another problem: Fox seems implicated in a series of thefts of great artwork and authorities everywhere are looking for him. Can O’Hare really trust him? Sorry, no plot spoilers allowed.

The plan O’Hare and Fox puts into motion is big, complex, and expensive. Good thing the bill is being footed by the U.S. Government! There’s plenty of action to keep you turning the pages, and while I can’t say that the characters themselves are given much of a description — “He had Hollywood star looks…” Would that be Cary Grant, or Dom DeLuise? — their personalities certainly come through loud and clear with the brisk, witty dialogue the authors have given them.

The Job is is a fun, pleasant way to spend a few hours and I recommend it highly.



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